Monday, December 6, 2010


After six days we will be leaving Quartzsite tomorrow, we never intended to stay more than a couple of days but with getting the propane heater and waiting for the bostons new harnesses, time stretched out.
I don't know what to say about Quartzsite, it sure attracts a lot of visitors as well as RVers  who come for the winter. We stayed at the LTVA on Plumosa Rd,

There was lots of room to walk the dogs,

A Few Saguaro cactus
Skip and Jake checking out the cactus

In town we checked out  a few vendors

And we picked up the harnesses that were made for Sophie and Louie

Louie got flames and Sophie has peace signs.

And yes we did  go to the book store, but I just couldn't take a picture, for you at home you can google
naked bookseller in Quartzsite Az.

I think we are headed for Mittry Lake tomorrow.


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  1. We were a little disappointed at Mitry Lake & only stayed one night. If your looking for a boon docking spot near Yuma with lots of room & quiet days I would suggest heading west of Yuma about 7 miles to Ogilbe Rd. Right on Ogilbe & go a mile or so & cross the railroad tracks. All along the right side you will see pull offs where you can boondock for miles. You will see American Girl road just after the tracks & thats where we were a couple years ago. Old gold mines in the area. Here is one of our days while boondocked there....