Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quick Trip to Sedona


Yesterday we drove to the town of Sedona, which is a beautiful town surrounded by towering mountains and red cliffs. Downtown  Sedona has a definite building scheme, the colors are muted to match the landscape, red and terra cotta mainly. Even stores like Safeway.

We were not very well prepared for hiking, we left our back-pack and water  at the motor home. Our map was not the best either, we had trouble identifying the various rocks.

We knew this was Bell Rock


Not sure about this one.we think it was called the  Courthouse



We ended up just driving around stopping  to take pictures at the various vistas.



We found the Chapel on Chapel Rd.


Some interesting rocks


Around noon we found a visitors information center, and got a better map  with directions to the various trailheads. It was about time to drive back to Cottonwood and let the dogs out of the motor home. We decided to go back to Sedona on Monday and hike one or two of the shorter trails, hopefully there won’t be as many people on the trails after the weekend.

We will be leaving this area soon, we haven’t decided exactly when, or where we are headed, maybe back to the Ajo area ,we both really liked camping on Darby Wells Road, south of the town.



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