Friday, October 7, 2011



This is our third day at Lone Rock Primitive Campground, on Lake Powell. Lone Rock is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Admittance was free with the National Parks Pass, and camping is $10.00 a day. There are no hookups here, just toilets and water.  there was a storm coming in when we arrived Wednesday, and the ranger recommended that we stay up on the bluff away from the water until the storm passed. He said the wind would blow the sand all through the motorhome.

The wind died  had calmed down this morning, but we decided to stay where we are. High up on the bank.


We could have moved down to the water where there are quite a few campers. You can see Lone Rock.

Lone Rock

We are glad we stayed where we are, we have enough dirt tracked in with three dogs, we didn’t need the sand too.

We have a great view



There is an area where we can let the dogs off leash, so they can run. Jake doesn’t  run too much, although he and Louie did take off after a rabbit today.IMG_2538

We will be in this area for a few more days, we are waiting on a new satellite receiver, that my sister Liz has sent  by UPS, it is supposed to  arrive here on Wed. We don’t know what happened to the other receiver, it was working fine last year, Croft tried to help us figure out what was wrong, but  evidently it is toast. Shaw our satellite provider won’t ship out of Canada, so Croft suggested having some one shipped one down.

There are worse places to be waiting, Lake Powell is beautiful, the weather is decent now. Today we went to look at the Glen Canyon Dam, which was completed in 1966.


The Colorado River                                        The Navajo Bridge


When the Colorado River  was dammed ,160,000 acre Lake Powel was formed.


We plan to do some exploring of  this area and do a bit of hiking while we are waiting, for our  receiver.


Can you see the man with the hat?




  1. great view from your vantage point!..enjoy the wait for the dish to arrive!!

  2. We have passed through that area but have never taken the time to stop anywhere. Great to have an area for the dog's to run and nice photos.

  3. Yes, I saw the man in the hat rock.
    Soon you will be able to watch Hockey!
    Great picture taking, Jean.