Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving I hope all of you at home are enjoying a long weekend and a wonderful dinner.

We are not having turkey, but we are having, roasted pork loin with all the fixings including gravy for Skip.

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, Saturday evening the clouds rolled in which made for an interesting sky.


The clouds seem so low in the sky here,I guess it’s the elevation change, our house on the island is 67 feet about sea level, we’re  just over 4000 feet above sea level here.

Sunday morning we took the dogs down to the beach, there is a lot more activity down there, lot’s of people coming and going all the time. but it is very pretty all the same.


Skip and I went into town to hike the Hanging Garden Trail, it wasn’t very well marked. and we ended up climbing up and over  sandstone cliffs.


It was odd to be able to walk right up the rock,with out worrying about slipping. We think we found the gardens. Under  an outcropping of rock, we found Maidenhair ferns growing.


The view was pretty nice from there too.


On our way back to the car we came across some sandstone with holes all through it, some of the holes had what looked like shells in them.


We also drove to a another dam  viewpoint. we followed a path  down about a hundred yards to the edge of the canyon.


The Colorado River is a long way down.


The Glen Canyon Dam with Lake Powell behind it.

The path back up with the beautiful sandstone cliffs.


Amazing shapes and lines


And Plants growing out of the rocks.



We met some people from Calgary today, they come to this area every year and spend all of October, before heading to southern Arizona. They told us of other hiking spots so we will be checking those out tomorrow.




  1. Got my hiking boots on and I'm ready to rumble after seeing those pictures:)) I think the only two stops we made in that area were at Dennys and Walmart in Page. Just after leaving Page heading south for the Grand Canyon there was a nice high scenic area with local Indians set up selling their wares as I recall.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Skip!..looks like a beautiful day you had! the spot where the trailers are parked!!