Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Hike to Scout Lookout


Day three at Zion NP..we caught an early shuttle again this morning, and rode as far as Zion Lodge,. As you ride the shuttle there is a commentary about the parks history and the various land marks you pass. We had decided to hike the Angels Landing Trail, classed as strenuous it is 5.8 miles. It was cool when we started and we had our fleece jackets on for the first half hour, It was a steep climb, very steep in places but the views were spectacular.


Our legs were burning, and I was sure feeling the effects of the years I smoked. Luckily there were plenty of reasons to stop to admire the scenery and the trail was not busy so we could walk at our own pace.

Looking back to where we started.



The trail



About half way we came to a level part of the trail.


Then the worst part, we turned a corner and started to climb again. We met an older couple who had been hiking Zion for years, he informed we were starting Walter Wiggles which were 24 switchbacks  straight to the top. It almost did me in, but we made it to the top, and what a view.


This is Scout Lookout


This is the mountain we climbed to the top,IMG_2392

We were really glad we made it, to the lookout, we didn’t climb the one-half mile to  Angels Landing, that involved holding onto chains while walking a narrow ledge with a sheer drop off


It was a good thing  we started out early, going back down it was really hot and we passed lots of people just starting the climb.

We are so glad we came to Zion, it is spectacular, and we have enjoyed our time here in spite of the crowded campground, and the hot hot weather. It was in the nineties inside the motorhome this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are going to Bryce Canyon for a few days, we have a lead on a boon docking site near the canyon, hopefully it works out.



  1. great job on the finishing the hike!!..good for you!..nice views and so worth the effort!!