Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaving Zion …Going to Bryce ..and Boon Docking


We left  the campground and drove up highway nine heading for the tunnel. When you buy a ticket to enter Zion NP, they ask if you are going to Bryce and then sell you a ticket to go through the tunnel. It is only vehicles over height and width that  have to pay the $15.00, when you get to the mile long tunnel, the rangers stop traffic coming the other way and you drive through the tunnel in the middle of the road,





The line up on the other end.


The scenery  was gorgeous, every view point was full of cars and tour buses.




One  car was parked on a curve with three people trying to take pictures, just as we rounded  the curve a tour bus came the other way, we were so close to being in an accident. Of course the picture takers were giving us dirty looks.

We turned onto highway 12 we passed by Red Rock Canyon  and our first look at hoodoos.




An Arch



we didn’t go into Bryce Canyon today, we were able to find the boon docking spot we were looking for. It is off Tom Best Rd, there is a ATV trail  near by, but we didn’t see or hear any. Hopefully it is used more on the weekend and we will be gone by then.

It is on forestry land, we only saw one other trailer, but several spots with fire rings,


Back YardIMG_2427

It is a lot cooler than it was in Zion, in fact we had a rain shower just after we arrived.

I was having problems with the comment section of the blog, some wouldn’t publish. another couldn’t leave one. I think I have it fixed now.



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