Friday, January 28, 2011

We are back at Anzo Borrego State Park.

We are back at Borrego after three days at the Slabs, where we started to have trouble with our Verizon signal, it would drop off and disconnect every few minutes. On Wednesday we packed up and headed for Borrego, we got a nice private spot on Clark Dry Lake Bed, fired up the computer and no signal at all, really annoying.  Thursday after trying to contact Verizon by cell phone, only to have every call dropped, we headed to the library at Borrego Springs to use their Wifi and to find out where the nearest Verizon store was. Turns out there is one in Indio, so early this morning we took the tracker and the dogs and headed to Indio, found the Verizon store, only to be informed they don't do technical work, we needed to go up the road to La Quinta for that, it was only a short drive so we headed there. Found the store, went in explained the problem, fired up the computer, used the air card,it worked fine, Grrr. Of course it would.  Back at our rig no signal, so we drove around the camping area looking for a spot that would pick up a signal, finally we got two bars, in the exact site we parked last  November. So we moved but it's still not a good signal.

It is so nice to be back at Borrego, I didn't like Slab City at all, I get the concept, I just don't like all the garbage.  Salvation Mountain was amazing, we met Leonard who built it, he is pretty frail looking, but says he still works at it.

I can't upload any pictures, I will try again tomorrow. I wonder if there is  a signal booster (antenna ?) I can get.



  1. If you move closer to the road you should be OK with Verizon. Try to get a line of sight to Boreggo Springs about 6 miles away. We have had trouble there too but since getting a Wilson Antennae for our Verizon we were able to get a stronger signal. The antennae works well with Cradlepoint but not Mifi. I set the antennae on the roof of the RV & it definately made a difference by pushing us up to 3 & 4 bars. We got the Wilson Truck Antennae from the online 3G store. If you need something sent to you there just go to the hardware store in Boreggo & give them your name. Stuff will be sent to the store & you can pick it up there. Nice hardware store too. I'm beginning to have my doubts if we'll ever get any further west this year. Kelly likes it where we are too much........

  2. There is Jean, Call the 3G store... also on line, but I usually call ... but make sure your aircard/modem has a spot to plug antenna in.
    it will look like a little opening to plug headphones in etc.. may have a rubber cover over it. We always have trouble at Clarke Dry Lake . phone & UM175modem. Now we have have verizon mifi, not sure it will be any better at Borrego. Kelly

  3. Hi Jean
    We're heading for Borrego this morning planning to boondock in the area around Clark Dry Lake Bed. Hope we have better luck than you with our Verizon signal. In the past, like Al, we were able to get a signal up closer to the road. If you're out that way, stop by & say hello. We're in a 32 foot Montana 5th wheel with FL license plates. JoAnn Dubrouillet
    We're going to be in the state park this evening to have dinner with friends, Fred & Jo Wishnie