Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Starting Out

After a sleepless night, we were up early to finish packing up the motor home,checking and rechecking our lists,we were finally ready to leave  just before one, not too bad seeing we were aiming  for noon. We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to drive down  island to Sidney.

Moe came over to see us off  and to take a picture of us leaving. After all the planning, and list making, I am still not sure we have everything. It's hard to see but I am holding " flame " which is a  well travelled piece of material from Megan's wedding dress. Liz and I both have a piece we usually tie on our suitcase. My piece has been to  Alaska and the Cayman Islands. Liz has taken hers to Europe and to Mexico.

Our toad is a 1997 Sunrunner or tracker, Sierra named it Bob cause she figured it would be bobbing along.

We drove straight to Sidney and Oceanside RV Park. It's a pretty park on the water, there are quite a few full timers who live here permanently, and  some snowbirds who spend their summers here. We are just happy they allowed  us to bring  Jake here.

This is our view from our site.

Tomorrow we are off to Anacortes, I hope there won't be any hassles going through customs, there are so many rules we didn't know about.. like only unopened dog food made in the U.S.  that's  an odd one. 

I don't know think I will have wifi in Anacortes, unless there is a Verizon Store and I can get an air card.
I will post when I can


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