Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sidney to Anacortes

We  are at Washington Park in Anacortes, getting here was a bit of an adventure. We left the RV park at Sidney around 10am, we were told to be at the ferry by 10.30 so we could clear immigration. As we are approaching the ferry dock there was a loud crash as a drawer came flying out in the back of the motorhome, we missed the turn  and ended up in a small mall with nowhere to turn around,so we had to disconnect the tracker, turn around, reconnect and drive back to the dock. We were late but there was no line up and a couple of minutes later we were in line waiting for the ferry.

The Victoria Airport is close by so we were kept entertained by all the planes coming in overhead,
The ferry arrived at 11:30 and by 12 noon we were on our way.  It is really a beautiful trip, there is very little open water, the ferry  weaves between small islands, we had one stop at Friday Harbour on San Juan Island.

Friday Harbour
 We arrived at Anacortes where we went through customs, the guard asked me to take the three dogs and walk  up the road to a building where he said Skip would meet me. Walking on the edge of the road with three dogs in traffic was not fun but they were very good, and Skip  arrived  as we got to the building. He said the fellow looked in the fridge and then asked about our dog food, and sent Skip on his way.

Pam was waiting for us and we followed her to Washington Park, where we got a pull through site with power. We went to Pam's where we had a wonderful dinner.

This morning Pam took us to Burlington, so we could get our Verizon air card. I am using it now it is pretty slick. after feeding and walking the dogs we went to Pam's for  another great dinner.

We leave tomorrow morning heading south down I-5  to Kelso WA, where we have our choice of  two state Parks.



  1. Sounds like a fun adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing you. My driveway may be tricky but if "toad" was disconnected I'm sure there will be no problem. Give a call or e-mail me with arrival date. We are about 1.5 hours from Eugene.

  2. Lions win Esks loose and the Canucks are tied in the second. Will miss timing my phone calls for the middle of the games. Is your satalite working? Hope you are well and enjoying yourselves. Did those devil dogs give the border guards any lip? Have a good day and safe driving Stu