Sunday, November 28, 2010

Didn't do anything today

But watch a football game, and walk the dogs. The wind has been blowing nonstop since last night, and it is cold... no laughing allowed.  IT WAS COLD.  Almost all the  rigs have left the area we are parked in, the long Thanksgiving weekend is over, we are only about 100 miles from San Diego and a lot of people come here for the free camping.

We may leave ourselves tomorrow, if the wind is still howling, we plan to go to the Salton Sea for a couple of days and then head to Arizona. We think we will come back here before we come home there are a couple of hikes we want to do, Alcoholic Pass and Ghost Mountain.

We had fun at the Tamale Festival, but I found out I don't like Tamales, yucky!

elementary school kids dancing

this little guy was only six years old, but could he sing . He just got a recording contract

the Mariachi band was really good.

We also saw this car.

It is  a 1954 corvette nomad, Chevy only made one, and then they destroyed it, so the man driving it built one himself. He is an older man from Idaho. the funny thing is he drove by and then stopped, turned around and came back to ask us about our tracker. I asked if he minded if I took some pictures of it, and he said to go ahead  but I should be taking pictures of the scenery.


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  1. Discovered your blog after reading your comment on Gypsy's. Always interesting to read other Canadian's stories. We always camp at Clarke Dry Lake, wondered if you had met Butch yet? has a trailer and a white dog? We love that area and it was fun to read all the spots you have been to. Hadnt heard of the Pumpkin Patch, will have to check it out when we get there. Did you get over to Julian? That is a nice drive. You will love Ghost Mountain. We bought the book and video.
    We also have 3 DOGS ! Glad we arent the only ones to attempt this.... It's cold in Az. also....
    Have fun.... Kelly