Sunday, November 21, 2010

Found some cool animals and hiking slot canyon.

 We came across these animals in a field yesterday and some more today.

they are in a field which is private property, but the owner lets the public on his land to see them. They are metal, with incredible detail right down to eyelashes. Click to enlarge. The dogs were with us, it was pretty funny..they were in the car barking, thought they were real .

Skip and I left early  this morning to hike Slot Canyon. It was amazing, some of it was so narrow, I had to lift my backpack to get through.

We are moving down the road a bit tomorrow, the area we are in turned into a dust bowl this weekend,
it seems this is the place to come with dirt bikes and atvs, it was really noisy and we figure with next week being American Thanksgiving it will be the same thing, only for four days instead of two.

Hope everyone is staying warm


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