Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oregon Coast to Brannon Island State Park

We are at Brannon Island State Park , the nearest town is Rio Vista..not Far from Stockton California. we think we will stay here tomorrow too. It's been a stressful couple of days.

We loved Harris Beach SP in Oregon, we took the dogs for a walk before we left, Thursday. What beautiful

We drove down Highway 101, stopping often to enjoy the view. It is breathtaking all the way.  I think we only drove about 100 miles. We couldn't find a park to stay in so we headed to Bear Creek Casino, outside of Eureka Ca. As we drove in there was a sign  for RV parking, so we parked, went in and registered. They
were very welcoming, said we could stay for up to three days. We went to the casino for a little while, lost a total of two dollars.

We headed out early next morning, drove down the 101 to Legett Ca, where we decided to head back to the coast on highway 1. What a mistake that was, it is only 22 miles to Fort Bragg on the coast, but it was the worst road we could have taken, 22 miles of switchbacks 6 and 7% grades, really narrow.  Every once in a while a logging truck would come the other way and we would hold our breath hoping there was room for
both of us. Not fun.

We were heading  for  Bothe Valley State Park when we lost our lights again, there was  a casino near by
so we headed there, but  they didn't allow RVs overnight. The security fellow was also a sheriff and he told us to go back to the nearest little town and stay overnight  at a highway pull off. so we drove back to Gyserville, and spent the night by the side of the road. we were not happy campers, but it was well lit and we had no problems.

This morning we headed east, and arrived at Brannon Island SP, which is lovely, we hung out awhile, then went to Rio Vista to get yet another fuse for our lights, went to the Laundromat, and the farmers market.
Skip set up the satellite dish and we watched the Canucks beat the Leafs. So today was a good day! I saved the best for last, it was a sunny 24c

Go Lions



  1. Hi Gradma Jean I liked your story it was fascinating . Thankyou for mentioning THE COMBOBULTOR. Tell Skip I said hi and happy trails. I have to do a report on the day I was born do you know anything.Sincerly sierra.

  2. Sounds like the lights are getting to be a headache, is something shorting and blowing the fuse? Something they did when they installed the solar?
    The scenery looks wonderful, and warm weather would be welcome right now, it's being novemberish here, and I'm glad to have my NaNo to focus on, because it's not nice outside.


  3. Sounds like that coastal drive has not changed much in 35 years! It was scary in parts way back then to! Thought we would be over the edge on some parts of the road. I think it is something you one do once to say you have done it. Breath taking scenery though. Hope it is a little smoothing going for you :)