Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paradise Point State Park Wa.

We shaked, rattled and rolled down the I - 5, my gosh the roads are rough, I don't understand cement highways, with expansion joints every few feet, What is wrong with asphalt? There was lots of construction also so it was a slow go. The rest stops are wonderful though, lot's of room, doggy areas and

It has been pouring since we got to this park, so I have no pictures, I will try to get some in the morning. It is a small park but very pretty with lot's of grassy areas and  I think trails down to the Lewis River. We had a tour of the countryside to get here. I wonder why people want a GPS if they don't believe what the voice says.

We are heading to Springfield Oregon tomorrow, we will overnight there and head to AM Solar Monday to have our solar system installed. Then we will head to the coast  probably Tuesday, with a stop to see Marylou.

Skip and his Boston Beans

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you. Consider spending a night or 2 here. My driveway would not be fun with your rig but there is a level area across the road from me where you could park. Looking forward to visiting with you and showing you around the place.