Monday, November 8, 2010

Eugene and Springfield Oregon

Go Lions....Couldn't get the game on the radio, but  I am sooo happy they made the playoffs! I am not sure where we will be on Sunday but I hope to see them beat those flat-landers.

This is our site at Paradise Point State Park WA.

We drove to Eugene Or on Sunday and found the Valley River Center which is a huge mall, Deb one of the owners of AM Solar had suggested we stay there on Sunday night. As soon as we parked in the mall a security car pulled up to welcome us, and gave us a book of coupons for some of the stores. He told us to park in the back corner and when we did this was our view. That is the Willamette River, there are miles of paths, all very well kept and well lit. We walked with the dogs quite a ways in both directions, turns out there are 12 miles of paths. Skip and I went to look around the mall, they were setting up for Santa already.

We were at AM Solar at  8:30 this morning, we left the motor home with them and took the tracker to a nearby Walmart superstore where we bought a tracfone, to use while we are in the states. It's an amazing deal, the phone is a Sam sung, it came with two chargers, a case, and a head set plus double minutes every time you buy a phone card for  as long as you have the phone. All for $9.99, seems like a heck of a deal. we bought  a 60 minute card which doubled to 120 min when I registered it.

The folks at AM Solar couldn't have been nicer, we had a nice waiting room to use, it took until almost 5pm for them to finish, we are parked in their lot  now, plugged into their building, there is a guest washroom with a shower. We  really like the Eugene - Springfield area.

Tomorrow we are going to the Oregon Coast and will make our way down to California, maybe we will see Arnold.


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