Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Tried the Kayak


We  tried the kayak out today and survived, it was a good thing we didn’t’ tip, because we were wedged in there pretty good. The Sea Eagle 330 is way too small for two people our size, Skip is six ft. and I am five ft. four in.he couldn’t straighten his legs, while mine were wedged  in the bow. But it was fun and not as tippy as we thought it would be.

I did manage one picture looking back at the shore, our motorhome is the last one on the right.


The kayak, paddles,seats and pump fit into this bag.


We are moving on tomorrow, heading down to the Sedona – Cottonwood area.  Hopefully we will hear back from Cabelas  and they will ship the other kayak to us somewhere in Arizona.



  1. glad you tried out the kayak!! if only the other one would arrive soon!

  2. I'm not a big water person & i guess that would explain why I have never been in a kayak. A couple canoes here & there & a few rowboats. Only spent a few hours in the Sedona area a few years ago & are hoping to go back maybe this year & maybe stay a week or two. Like what we saw when we were there. Stayed at Dead Horse State Park near Cottonwood. Nearby Jerome is kind of a groovy place....

  3. P.S. If your headed through the Congress area, you are welcome to head over to our place & park on the property. If interested, just send us an email.......