Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bignotti Beach


Yesterday was a scorcher! Skip and I went into Cottonwood early to do the laundry and get a few groceries. We spent the rest of the day trying to stay cool, the heat was brutal. The good thing about it is soon as the sun dips behind the mountain the temperature drops and we immediately take the dogs for a walk.

The next few days are forecast to be cooler with temperatures in the 70’s.


As you turn off Thousand Trails Road, there are two signs one says 14 days camping, the other says Bignotti Beach. Today we decided to take the dogs to Bignotti Beach.We had walked part way there several times, once the gravel road passes the camping areas the road gets very steep, rough and windy.


You can see a RV parked in the trees at the top of the picture, I think they have the nicest site .

We took the Tracker because Jake can’t walk that far anymore, in fact today for the first time he couldn’t jump into the back of the car, he tried and fell back, so Skip and I lifted him in. He’s over a 100lbs  so I think we will look for a ramp for him. Makes me so sad.

It was about a two mile drive to a parking area, where a sign said trail to river.

There was an overgrown neglected picnic area.

IMG_4171-001 The trail


This is what we found


I guess Bignotti Beach is the Verde River, it was a nice cool area to walk in, the river was running quite fast so we had to keep the dogs on leash,



Aside from the river it is quite rugged country.


The road is up there somewhere.

We still haven’t got any answer from Cabelas, on Thursday they said they and the vendor, Sea Eagle, were trying to find out what happened to the missing kayak. I have already told them I want either a kayak shipped to me or I want a refund for one kayak.


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  1. Hope Arizona cools off a bit before we get there which I suspect could be sometime around the 1rst week of November. We had to help Checkers up the steps into the rig for two winter seasons & Max as well towards the end. It was always so sad to see them struggling, trying to get in by themselves. When we had our fifth wheel I made a ramp to get the guys into & out of the small half cab area behind the front seats...