Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost Dutchman State Park


We left Cottonwood this morning heading to Phoenix to pick up a rim for the RV. but We had to replace a bent rim, and get a tire put on it.

Skip found this Walking Stick on a wheel cover this morning.


Around Black Canyon City we saw the first Saguaro Cactus



We don’t know the Phoenix  area at all, so we set the GPS, it took us right to the door, but instead of keeping us on the highway, until we were within a few blocks of the store, it had us going through the city, down  narrow streets. Of course I wasn’t pleased, but Skip  wasn’t too bothered….

Until,  we reset the GPS to come to Lost Dutchman, and ended up driving through the Phoenix airport, literally, we were directed past the terminals, down  narrow access roads.Of course the big fear was either a low overpass, or getting stuck somewhere where we couldn’t turn around. Once we got out of the airport,we ignored the GPS,  we got on  loop 202 and stayed on it until we came to Apache Junction, got on Apache Trail and it was easy to get to the park.

And what a nice park.

From our site.




We are here for two days, we read of some BLM land up the road which we will check out tomorrow. It is very warm here, which is fine for us, but the dogs especially Jake don’t do so well.So it’s a short walk in the morning and a longer one in the evening.




  1. We stayed at that Lost Dutchman Park 3 years ago & liked it as well. Nice hike up Superstition Mountain has a trail going up right from the Park. Be sure to do the Apache Drive as well. Allow a day for that. Very scenic & some great curvy roads.

  2. enjoy your stay!!..nice to be warm!!

  3. We don't use GPS, just not reliable for a 40" bus towing and not being able to back up.

    Enjoy the heat and good luck with the repairs.

  4. Our GPS wanted to do the same thing last time we went through Phoenix. It directed us off the highway at the airport exit, Luckily we know Phoenix well enough to know that was wrong. It must be an error in the maps.

    Now if you could only find the Ditchman's mine!