Saturday, October 6, 2012



We are almost ready, just a few things to do in the morning. The plan is to be driving up the street by 7 am. Then we have to drive around 100 hundred miles down island to the town of Sidney to catch the Washington State Ferry to Anacortes Washington.The ferry takes three hours to cross with a stop at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  We will go through the border check at Anacortes.

Skip’s sister Pam lives in Anacortes, so we will have a  short visit with her and then head  south, we have no idea how far we will get but we have several options for overnight.

We have been busy this summer, mainly working on our house and yard, not nearly enough camping.

We finished the floor, it is not as dark as we  intended but we like it.



So the  plan is to head south, travel to new places, revisit some favorite places and hopefully meet up with friends who are also wanderers.





  1. Like the look of that floor & nice header pic. We're hoping to be out of here in about a week & a half. Safe travels & maybe catch you guys this winter. We'll probably be in Congress a fair but but also hope to get out & about & do some traveling as well.....

  2. Woohoo, you are on the road! Good for you. Perfect travelling weather right now.

  3. Have a great trip. Mind how you go!
    Love Edd & Megan

  4. safe travels to you both!!..enjoy your stay in Anacortes!!!

  5. Could you give me some more info on that ferry crossing? Previously used the Black Ball but don't like the side load. How was this one suited for large RVs. Also can you stay down with your unit to take care of the dog? Thanks



  6. Jim,

    The ferry was fine, it is an old ferry,not fancy but you are allowed to stay in your car. RVs travel 1/2 price after Sept. 30. I believe it doesn't run from the end of Nov. until the end of Mar. We were 49 ft hitched up