Monday, October 22, 2012

Cooling Off and Cooling Our Heels


Still at Cottonwood, and it is finally cooler, we went for a drive to look around Clarkdale and guess who didn’t take the camera. Clarkdale is an old town, that used to have a huge copper mine,the mine closed years  ago. We went to the old train depot last year.



We also stopped by the Verizon store to see if there was anything we could get to boost our signal. We have an air card that is three years old, plus a Wilson Antenna,our signal has started dropping off, we can start with three or four bars and drop to one or sometimes none at all. The odd thing is we have a Verizon pay as you go phone and it gets four bars every time. Apparently that just happens for no reason, we wanted to upgrade to a newer air card but we couldn’t do that in the Cottonwood store, we have to go to  Prescott. We will live with the spotty service I guess, we will be moving on soon.

We had some interesting clouds this morning, I get up very early and saw this strange light in the dark clouds, obviously reflecting on something.



The sunrise a lot more interesting with clouds.


Tomorrow we are heading to Sedona, we are looking forward to doing some hiking, maybe check out a vortex.

Still no answer from Cabelas or Sea Eagle about the missing kayak. I can’t understand why it’s taking so long. I may have to contact Visa and get them to reverse the charge and then I can pay  Cabelas for just one.


Our RV is the one one the left.


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  1. Maybe that reflection is a Sedona vortex lifting a group of RVing hikers to new & highher traveling elevations.