Saturday, October 13, 2012

Missing…. One Kayak !


We are still at Lone Rock parked on the beach, after the storm Thursday, Friday was cloudy with rain showers at times, so we drove into the town of  Page which is in Arizona, the Utah / Arizona border is about one mile from Lone Rock.

We wanted to see if the UPS office was in the same location as last year, when we were waiting for a satellite receiver to be shipped from Vancouver. We may be needing their services again.

Sunrise this morning.


In August we ordered two Sea Eagle kayaks, we had to do a bit of searching to buy them online, some companies wouldn’t ship to Canada, we found several that would, but the cost of the shipping and duty was unreal. We finally ordered them from Cabelas  and had them shipped to Skip’s sisters house in Anacortes. We picked them up when we passed through Anacortes last Sunday. When we opened the box yesterday there was only one kayak. Major disappointment !

I emailed Cabelas right away, they answered back right away, saying that they were sorry but the kayaks were shipped right from Sea Eagle and they are contacting them, and will let us know what’s happening in the next one to two business days.

So we wait, or maybe not, we don’t have any set  plans, we are hoping they will ship the missing kayak to somewhere in Arizona. We have read such good things about Sea Eagle, I hope they live up to their reputation.

We did inflate the kayak we have, at least Skip did..I took pictures and read directions.




We were going to take it out for a trial run, but the wind came up, and the water was a bit rough.

The up side is the weather is warm, and the scenery is breathtaking




  1. Looks like you guys are going to have to share that Kayak for a bit. Last time through Page I remember we stoped at Denny's & Walmart.......

  2. nice Kayak..will be better when you are seeing double!..great view this morning..pouring with rain here today and tomorrow and the next day!..the rains of fall have arrived..aren't you glad you left already!

  3. I, too, have read good reviews of those kayaks. Have fun!