Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back in Cottonwood, and It’s Hot!


We are back at the  Forest Service campground just outside Cottonwood AZ, and  is it ever hot, 88F today and  the forecast  is for more of the same for a few weeks. We were here  a year ago, and really like the area. Lots to see and do.

We drove from Page down  highway 89, to Flagstaff. then took  89 A to Sedona.

Humphrey's Peak, just north of Flagstaff,at 12,680 ft  is the highest point in Arizona.


I thought it a little odd that we had left Canada, travelled through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah and the only snow topped mountain we saw was in Arizona.

This was our first time on 89A which is the scenic route through Oak Creek  Canyon, it was a narrow twisting road,as scenic routes often are.The only picture I took was of the GPS.


Not a very clear picture but you get the idea.

Sedona was very crowded and very warm so we headed straight to Cottonwood, We do plan to investigate the BLM dispersed camping close to Sedona  and maybe move over there later in the week.

Cottonwood campground, looking at the red cliffs of Sedona.


We haven’t heard from Cabelas about our missing kayak, they said we would hear in one to two business days, which was yesterday and today. I will be phoning them tomorrow.



  1. glad you landed safely..enjoy the warmth!..it was sunny here on the lower mainland today, but windy!
    camping in the desert?..how fun that will be!!

  2. Cold & wet here this morning so we are sure chomping at the bit to get into the warmer weather where you guys are. Hope to spend some time around Sedona this winter so we'll be watching to see where you guys find some boon docking areas.

  3. Just caught up on all your posts. Sounds like a great trip except for one one kayak.
    Bad news for us.....we can't leave till mid to end of November due to legal & medical issues. I can't write about it on my blog but we are stuck up here for a bit:((

  4. Howdy hi! We're in NFS land outside VOC. I don't know about BLM land around here, so I'll be watching your blog to learn new secrets.


  5. I should have written that "Village of Oak Creek."

  6. Could you tell us more about how to find the area you are camped at near Cottonwood? Thanks

  7. We found a few boon docking spots within minutes of VOC, which we favor over the gridlock of too touristy Sedona. It is a very colorful place tho, and we always spend a few weeks there in the winter/spring.
    Box Canyon Mark