Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Trip To Boynton Canyon and Sea Eagle Comes Through ..Sort of


Last time we were in Sedona, we went to Boynton Canyon and were spellbound by the sound of flute music as we climbed up to the Boynton Spire. We decided to hike there again this morning, it is a very easy hike.

The first thing we saw was this sign


We weren’t too worried about the bears as there were quite a few people on the trail.



This area is one of the four Spiritual Vortex in the Sedona area. And no Al, we didn’t hear of an RVers  being taken away in a vortex!

But stone hearts grow in the trees,




And magical music still filled the air.




Lovely music and spectacular views




Two more hearts


We met the flute player on the trail, as he was putting the hearts in the trees, and giving them to the ladies. Now I have two stone hearts, so I will give one to my Sierra.


I heard from Cabelas today, Sea Eagle is sending another kayak but it is going to Anacortes so we won’t have it until we are on our way home. Cabelas is sending me a $25.00 gift certificate for the in convenience.  It is a shame but I am just glad they are sending one to us.



  1. Boynton Canyon is one of my favorite hikes in Sedona. Makes me miss my friend who used to live near there. It is breast cancer month so I can say that is what took her I guess.

  2. nice pictures from your hike!!
    too bad about the kayak, geesh!

  3. The flute player yet again. Lucky you! Not so good about the kayak, can't they forward it to a Post Office nearby or where you are going next? I don't think 25.00 is enough compensation as it is affecting your entire winter.

  4. So you two are down in Arizona. Good for you! I hear it has turned to fall on Vancouver Island for sure. We're in Petaluma, California for many months to come.

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