Thursday, November 29, 2012

Five Days with Friends


When we  decided to go to Congress AZ to visit our friends Al and Kelly we went with the intention of dry camping at the BLM  dispersed campground just down the road from them. When you are travelling with three dogs, you don’t stay with people, actually even without dogs we wouldn’t stay with anyone.

After a few minutes at their house on Ghost Town Rd, we  knew it would be fine,   Jake and Pheebe became friends and the Bostons were running free in the fenced yard. Al & Kelly are easy to be around, sometimes we hung out with them, other days we did some touring on our own.

Al and Kelly’s home.


Our Rv spot


On Sunday Skip and I drove around a bit and stopped at an interesting  business  not far from A and K ‘s house.

We think he mills and sell lumber, but we were interested in the  small buildings he had built.


The door on this building is carved, there are two little birds in the hole in the cactus.






This little building is for sale


On Monday morning we left the dogs in the motor home


We don’t want to stay!

We followed Al & Kelly to Stanton Ghost Town, where there are miners ‘living in a RV park, who drive into  the mountains on ATVs, looking for gold.

Following  the jeep up the road to Stanton


We had to register before we were allowed to look around.







Al just walked by that huge gold nugget, guess he was more interested in reading the sign.



We looked around Stanton for a while and then headed to Yarnell  a small town in the mountains which you reach by driving up  Yarnell hill which is a series of steep switch backs up the side of the mountain. I got this picture from the internet

While we were in Yarnell we  stopped by St Josephs Retreat where they have built a shrine on the side of a cliff with beautiful statues depicting the Stations of the Cross.



We didn’t see all of the shrine but you can read about it here

We didn’t stay long in Yarnell, we drove back down the hill, and home to Ghost Town Rd,

More tomorrow.



  1. We were glad to have you guys here & like I said this morning...y'all come back now ya hear:))

  2. nice to stay with Al and Kelly at their new 'rv park'! glad that you all enjoyed each other's company!

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  4. Those little buildings are fascinating. I liked the log house the best.