Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Think I’d Rather Have Bobcats Visit.


On Monday our last day at  Ajo we were lucky enough to see two Bobcats. They weren’t visiting and kept a respectful distance.


One last thing about Ajo , I thought was interesting, the tailing pond at the old open pit mine, was once the largest dam in the world.

This is what is left .


Now a days the biggest dam by volume in the world is the Syncrude Tailings pond in Alberta, which holds the sludge from the Tar Sands. The pond there is 11 miles long.


We traveled to Quartzsite on Tuesday, and  found a spot on Plumona Rd. which is  a free BLM camping area. You can stay for 14 days out of 28 then you  must move at least 25 miles.

Yesterday morning we drove to Parker ( about 25 miles) to get groceries, then in the afternoon went  into Quartzsite to buy some clips for our awning,and to look around, not many vendors are open yet,

When we got back to the motor home, Skip was putting the clips on the awning (to help stop it from blowing in the wind), when I saw something moving at the base of a Creoste bush just a few feet from our rv mat.


I have never seen a Tarantula before and I didn’t like it one bit, when Skip went near it to take this  picture it started coming toward the motorhome. I grabbed the dogs and flew up the stairs into the motor home. Skip picked it up on the shovel and took it a couple of hundred yards away, he said when he put it down it went down one of the million little holes in the desert. Great now, I have keep an eye on every hole when we are out walking.


I have always been terrified of spiders, thanks to my oldest brother and my sister who would tell me the spiders  would get me if  I went down the stairs  at night.




  1. Had a couple Tarantula's walk through our campsite in Borrego Springs a few years ago. Fortunately I am not bothered by Spiders so was able to sit down on the ground beside it & take it's picture. Cute fuzzy little fellow:))

  2. LOL!

    They're not all that crazy about you, either. :D They'll quick-step the other way, given any chance at all.

    Arizona blond tarantula


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  4. Only ever saw one once in the Dominican Republic on a golf course. Didn't get all that close, nor did we need to. They're just a little too big and creepy for me.
    Keep your shoes on.

  5. spiders are awesome in a 'don't bother me and I won't bother you kind of way'

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  7. They do live in small holes in the ground, something I discovered when our youngest doxie got bit by one. We were in Acapulco that year and had 10 minutes to get her to the vet before she died, we made it and had to do it again 5 hours later when the first set of drugs wore off. Their venom is deadly. The dog has NOT learned her lesson with insects unfortunately!