Sunday, November 4, 2012

Darby Wells Road ……Again.


We left Lost Dutchman Park Thursday and drove to a BLM spot on Joaquin Rd  on the west side of  Tucson. The area isn’t very big, but there were only two or three RVs there so we were able to find a good spot to spend the night.



We drove down the Ajo Highway and passed  Kitts Peak which has numerous huge telescopes, the dome of biggest one, the Mayhew Telescope   is eighteen stories high and is visible for about fifty miles.The telescope itself is 92ft long. There are tours of the Observatory, and evening programs too, another thing for the bucket list.


This is the the third year we have spent some time on Darby Wells BLM land just outside of Ajo. We had decided this year we would change sites and go farther up the road, near where  Al and Kelly camped last year. We found a nice spot, set everything up, had lunch, then discovered we had no Verizon signal and no Shaw satellite  reception.  So back up the road we went to our old site. We like the spot we’re in, we are high up  a hill and we can see for miles. That means we are pretty visible from the road but that might be a good thing in this area.

The RV in the distance is Rick, who is a friend of Al and Kelly. They stayed close by him last year.


Views from our site



The weather is warm but we had a lovely breeze today so we were comfortable for the most part.


This morning we saw two Border Patrol SUVs towing trailers with ATVs in them go flying up the other road, a while later we heard about six or seven gun shots, and then nothing out of the ordinary the rest of the day.

We don’t know whether to stay or leave in the morning, we aren't‘t really frightened, but we don’t want to stay and feel uneasy. Guess we will  decide in the morning.





  1. If you happen to meet Rick, say hello for us. He's a nice easy going laid back fella. He spends a lot of time in the desert. Rick would tell you not to worry about the Mexican folks in the neighborhood & not to let a few gunshots bother you. The last thing the illegals want is to draw attention to themselves so they won't bother you. Remember, if your up Congress way....come on around cause we got lots of room to park your rig:))

  2. Take Al's advice. He's right. I camp very near there every year (and so has my family) in November. I'm heading there on Thursday to meet family, in fact. You will not have any trouble other than the darned wind that is slated for that area this week.

  3. I agree with Al and the illegals. Let them be and they will let you be. They have no squabbles with you. Too bad you had to move sites especially after setting up.