Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hanging Out in Quartzsite


One more day in Quartzsite before we leave, we have been here nine days, which is the longest we have ever spent here. We have made a couple of trips to Parker, done a little geo caching,a lot of reading and a lot of walking.

There are not many RVs in our part of Plomosa Rd The ground here is ugly, rocky and hard to walk on.


But the washes are green and lush, there must have been a lot of rain this past summer.




We went out in search of a geocache this morning, we found it with no trouble and in the caches was  a trackable  item called a travel bug. These  travel bugs are tracked by a unique number which you can look up and enter where you found it.  This particular one originated in Croatia.


We also found this wonderful remote control airplane flying field.


Complete with runways




The City of Quartzsite donated the land and built everything including the runways for the club. They also have a hanger in another part of town, where they meet, and some members work on their planes there. Part of the building houses a quilting club.


When we first went there these tables were full of planes and there were  about twenty people flying planes. Some of them were pretty impressive.



We have enjoyed our time here, but we are ready to move on. Going to visit some friends for a few days.



  1. I seem to recall that model plane airfield right next to Angela's Rainbow Garden. She was the naked Bookseller's daughter. Also near that airfield are 2 F-4 Phantom jets on display. Somewhere near the Sheriff's office I think.

  2. Good for you re that flying part. OMG, we were in that ares on the very very close!

    I am sure you are enjoying your visit on Congress.

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