Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Hanging Out


Still here on Darby Wells Road, haven’t blogged because we really haven’t been doing anything very much, it has been very warm, until today, too warm to leave the dogs shut up in the RV. Today was cooler, and we were able to take a trip into Ajo. We were only gone an hour or so, just a quick  lunch at Marcela's,,IMG_2907

We then filled up our water jugs and came home.

It seems that even more stores have closed in Ajo, even the Dairy Queen hasn’t been open, or the liquor store, or the bakery. I read that the new Border Patrol building at Why 10 miles south  has over 300 officers attached to it up from 35 a few years ago, Ajo is the closest town with any services, so one would think businesses would benefit. Apparently most officers choose to live in Tucson or Casa Grande. It’s a shame.

The weather is supposed to be cooler for the next while, so we hope to get out  do some geo caching and also go to the mining museum.

Our motorhome from the road.


Thirty seconds of rain gave us a rainbow





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  2. We have always noticed that Ajo is kind of a sad little place slowly drying up & tumbling down. When the big mine closed, that was it for the town:((

  3. great sunset and rainbow photos. Nothing wrong with doing nothing! I am good at it!

  4. I'm sorry to hear this. Ajo is one of my favorite towns, so far. I like its respect for art and beauty.

  5. I love AJO, so cute in its own way but sad to read of the changes. We are getting snow here in Kelowna so be happy :)