Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to the Desert Garden


Yesterday we left Al and Kelly’s home  in Congress and drove to Yuma via Buckeye and Gila Bend. We took the    the Vulture Peak road to Buckeye, which was a good road with no traffic to speak of. The road wound through the desert with many Cholla and Saguaro  Cactus.


We went to Buckeye because Kelly had told us there was a Cracker Barrel Restaurant there ( we had never been to one) we found  it  right away, the food was good and very reasonable. Skip left with a map showing all the Cracker Barrel Restaurants in the US.

A funny thing happened just before we went to the restaurant, I went into the bathroom in the RV just, as I was reaching for the toilet paper, a lizard came flying off the roll. I darn near had a heart attack, I am not particularly scared of lizards but I wasn’t expecting it. Skip took it out to the parking lot and let it go.

We arrived at  Ogilbe Rd which is in California, 12 miles from Yuma we were so lucky to find the same spot we stayed in last year. There is a desert garden, and the site itself has been raked so it is fine,fine gravel.




Lots of room for the dogs to run.


When we were staying with Al and Kelly we went into the town of Wickenburg, which is a pretty little tourist town, which was fun to explore.

Some of the sights and people we saw.









I don’t know why the sky look  so dark when I took this picture I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.




  1. what a beautiful spot you have now!! so peaceful!..not that the spot with Al and Kelly was bad!

  2. Always liked boondocking at Ogilbe road with it's wide open spaces & good visibility in keeping an eye on the four legged guys. Easy access to that big mall on the west side of Yuma too. I seem to recall a Cracker Barrel in there too & for sure there is a Verizon store because we were in it. Always nice finding an old familiar boondocking spot with previous memories already established. Kind of like coming home......

  3. We like the American Girl Mine Road, too. You can get back far enough that the train is just a distant, melancholy rumble.