Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Windy Days


The last few days have been really windy, we have not done too much, other than  a trip in to Yuma yesterday to Al’s RV shop to buy some more LED lights, we are gradually replacing all the lights  in the motorhome.They are not cheap  but because we rely on our solar system almost always, it make sense to change them out.

The dogs are loving it here on Ogilbe Rd, because they don’t have to be on their leash  when we take them out.

Skip took the stick because  they were fighting over  it.


They weren’t about to give up so he put it out of reach


Today we went out looking for caches, there  were three of them  off Sidewinder Road all within a mile or two of each other. We found the caches without too much problem.



We also came across this. At first from the distance we thought it was a graveyard.


There were no markings or sign of any kind, except the white square in the distance, which was a four sale sign, 40 acres for $160,000.



Looks like a Labyrinth sort of.

We have one more day here then we are heading to Borrego Springs for Christmas, we will likely spend a couple of weeks there, and after that no plans yet.


Happy Birthday Alma!




  1. Oh how we remember those bad old south-west winds, both at Ogilbe & Borrego. And the racket it creats catching all the square corners on the rig. Being able to walk the dogs off leash is worth the whole boondogging lifestyle alone. Not sure I know why someone would want 40 acres in that Ogilbe area unless they were going to do some rock farming.

  2. Funny how the kids fight over the same stick!

  3. Only in California could so much nothing be had for $4000/acre. It's beautiful nothing, though. Have you guys gone across to Algodones?

    That ring looks cool on Google Maps. Round, but not perfectly so.

  4. I'll pass on the Real Estate!

  5. Love your crew! Sophie, Jake, and Louie are adorable. Nice to meet you today here at Borrego Springs! I enjoyed the photos because that's where we might go next. Sue

  6. Your blog was mentioned by RVSue so I thought I would check you out. Hope you have a great Christmas. I have really enjoyed the couple of times I was on Vancouver Island.

  7. You don't reply to your comments? That leaves me out.