Thursday, December 20, 2012

Borrego has gone to the Dogs


We have been  at Borrego for a week now, we arrived in a downpour and took the first available site we found in the Rock House  area. The next morning we looked around and we were basically in a muddy field that looked like a bull dozer had gone through and left piles of dirt everywhere. We quickly packed up and moved over to the dispersed area at Clark Dry Lake Bed, where we have stayed the two previous years.

The site we had last year was occupied so we moved into  the first site we had in 2010.


RV Sue and her lovely dogs were camped a little ways away from us. Sue and I  met and talked briefly on Monday,then Skip and I made a trip  to A Thousand Palms to buy a waterless cleaner for the RV called the Solution. We had got the address from internet, however when we arrived at there we discovered that they had moved their operation to Prescott Arizona. It was a nice drive though, too bad I didn’t bring my camera.

Ivan  was  here when we got here, so were Martin and Gay, and Tuesday night John and Nicole pulled in and parked just down from us.

Yesterday the site we had last year became available and we moved  over there, and John and Nicole moved into the site we vacated.

Ivan had his helicopter up and took an aerial shot that is pretty cool. You can find it here.

Sue and her dogs were here to day and we tried our best to get some shots of them interacting with Sophie and Louie but they didn’t cooperate at all

I love this picture of Spike,


And Bridget


Louie running from Spike



Sophie and Bridget


Sue is thinking she will leave in the morning,we enjoyed meeting her, maybe we will see her down the road.

Our camping area with the Santa Rosa Mountains behind the lake bed




  1. sure sounds like the 'neigbourhood' is a busy place!! Enjoy!

  2. Kinda sounds like an RV old home week over there at Borrego. We generally park somewhere over off Rockhouse road close to the base of the Coyote Mts. There are some really nice walking trails there that lead up behind Peg Leg's . Great views of the whole Clark Dry Lake Bed & Borrego Springs. There's an old gravel pit on the left shortly after turning off the highway onto Rock House & the trail leads up from the north west corner.....

  3. Hey Skip and Jean, Did you hear that it snowed on Vancouver Island last week? Man we missed it! Smiles! You guys are having fun and keeping warm. In Petaluma it is raining cats and dogs! And the forecast is for more rain. You two take care. Look forward to visiing on Vancouver Island if not in California. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Hi Jean and Skip!

    Wow! You got some great shots of Louie, Sophie, and the crew. Their personalities are so obvious!

    I'm glad I had the chance to meet you both. We're at Ogilbie Road (west of Yuma for your readers who don't know.)

    It was soooo cold this morning when I was packing us up and hitching. My hands were numb! At least there's no wind.

    Enjoy Borrego!

  5. What kind of dogs are Spike & Bridget?