Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy Days, Lots of Walking and We Meet Ivan


We have had a busy couple of days, Tuesday the day after our long trek across the lake bed we met fellow blogger Ivan who is parked behind us. Ivan rode his bike over in the morning and we had a really nice visit, he is very easy to talk to. It is odd that when you meet other is like you have a whole bunch of friends in common.


Ivan is staying in Borrego for a few days, hopefully we can get together again before he leaves.

Just as Ivan was leaving our friends Mike and Charlotte arrived from the Slab, where they had spent three weeks. We have a really big site so they were able to share it with us.


We decided to take the dogs for a walk this morning,and ended up walking to the lake bed and back,it was getting pretty warm by the time we got back and the dogs were pretty done in.

Skip, Mike and Charlotte heading back up the road.


After lunch Mike came over to ask if we would show them the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs, we were happy to be tour guides and off we went in Mikes truck.

Charlotte and Mike by the gold panner and horse.


Charlotte patting the Javelina and her babies


This elephant was wearing his Christmas bow


This Serpent is new this year and spans both side of the road.



It is really massive


There were lots more to show them but we decided to call it a day,we were all pretty tired  from our long walk and the sun was really hot today.




  1. great shots of the metal sculptures!!

  2. If we get over to Borrego later I see we have some Dragon hunting to do.

  3. That Dragon is fantastic...what a lot of work but most appreciated!

  4. Love the babies!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 full of exciting adventures.

  5. I bet you are watching the Juniors hockey game at the moment. Looks like you guys are having a warm wonderful time. It is wet, windy and cool here in Nanoose.

    Moe and Rick