Friday, December 9, 2011

Still here in Borrego


We’ve been desert boon docking at Borrego for a week now, we seem to have done a lot of nothing.

There was the remnants of a bird feeder at our site,with an aluminum pie plate to hold the seed. The pie plate was in pretty bad shape, so we hopped in the tracker and drove  the seven miles to Borrego Springs,to the second hand store where we bought a cake pan for a $1.00, drove back to our site and put the pan up filled with seed.



Last year when we were here in January, we hiked up Alcoholic Pass from Coyote Canyon, so we thought this time we would try it from the Clark Dry Lake side. We knew that the trail wasn’t marked, but we had  a map that showed the mileage from Rockhouse Road. The road along the lake bed is pretty rough but we were the only ones on the road so we could take our time.

The Santa Rosa Mountains across the lake bed


We found the wash that we had to walk up to the pass.


We found this birds nest in a Palo Verde tree.


Looks like someone is home


Somewhere along the wash we got off track. The only footprints in the sand were coyotes, so we climbed up to a ridge to get our bearings.


We still couldn’t see the trail to the pass, we walked in the direction we thought it should be, but couldn’t find it.


We walked along the ridge back towards the mountains, and climbed back down into the wash we had walked up




Twenty minutes later we were back at our car. We had walked for about two hours, we didn’t get to our  destination, but we both enjoy wandering through the desert so it was all good.

Every Friday morning there is a farmers market at Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs.


It isn’t very big, there is about a dozen stalls I guess. There is a few craft tables with jewelry and clothes, some plants for sale. Baked goods and fresh produce.


We bought some avocados, and some persimmons this morning.

We stopped at the hardware store, to see if Fed Ex had left a parcel for us,I took this picture from the parking lot


That’s a a metal sculpture of De Anza the Spanish Captain  who  explored region. the building is a real estate office.

Our parcel did come later,Skip made another trip into town to pick up the new top for our tracker. Fingers crossed that  it fits and that it goes on without too much trouble .







  1. Hello Jean and Skip!
    When I saw the picture of the bird feeder, I thought for a minute that this was our site in March 2010... but after looking at the picture of our bird feeder... it isnt the same. wish I could attach a picture here of how we left our bird feeder.

  2. sounds like you are all enjoying the land of boondocking!!..good for you!!

  3. I'm guessing we might make it over to Borrego Springs sometime towards the end of January. Will probably stop at Slab City on the way to have our solar system checked. May need some new batteries. Wondering if you guys did the slot canyon in the Badlands. It's off the highway to Ocotillo Springs but is hard to find. About two thirds of the way up Montezuma's Grade is a campground on the right. Some hiking trails there and some great views of Borrego Springs below. Julian is always a nice drive too.

  4. We visited Borrego Springs for the very first time on a day trip from The Sands in Desert Hot Springs. That's a neat place. Love that whole area. We will go back there with Therapy and spend more time sometime in the future. Al, of the Bayfield Bunch has taken a lot of nice photos there. Thanks for your pictures, they bring back good memories.