Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Quiet Desert Christmas


We had a wonderful warm Christmas day. I got all the vegetables for our Christmas dinner ready, then we sat in the sun reading for most of the day.

The temperature today in the shade




We bought our vegetables in La Quinta at Trader Joes, I have never seen brussel sprouts sold like this.



Stuart was asking about the area we are camping in. Our site is quite large.

Our driveway is off this dirt road


Our driveway


Our nearest neighbours


We were invited over to one of the neighbours this afternoon, they are probably 300 yds. away.


Martin and Gay are from Sidney on Vancouver Island.

I took the camera to get a picture of them, but when we got there they and their friends from Alaska were watching a Kangaroo Rat, who kept popping up out of his hole to get the food they has put out. I told them my friends back home wouldn’t believe I would spend part of Christmas day looking for a rat.

But he was cute and really fast.


He would pop out grab a peanut and then disappear back into his holeIMG_3163

Gay gave us some homemade cheesecake, which we had after our turkey dinner.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!




  1. a great day with the neighbours!!.can your life be any more perfect!!

  2. Just noticed this morning we weren't on your Blog Follower's list. Now how did I miss that before!!
    Your Christmas Day was like our Christmas Day....quiet. Now how nice is that eh:))

  3. A nice quiet day, enjoying the rat. Sounds like something my grand daughter would love, for sure! Glad you had a nice warm Christmas.

  4. I saw you walk by! All boggers should have to wear ID! Stop by and say hello, or I will wander over there!