Thursday, December 15, 2011

At Least The Wind’s Not Blowing


The weather has sure cooled off this week, the clouds rolled back in this afternoon and  we got a smattering of rain. Nothing like the downpour we had earlier in the week but enough to wet everything. The cooler weather and rain is better than the wind, it seems to howl as it sweeps across the desert.

The new top came for Bob our toad,  I  keep calling it a tracker, but it is actually a Pontiac Sunrunner, which is the same as a Geo Tracker  or Suzuki Sidekick.

Taking the old top off.



We polished it then laid the new top over


It fit really well



We carry about 15 gallons of extra water, which we use for making coffee, cooking and doing dishes, it helps extend our on board water, We fill our containers at the visitors center at the state park.


We drove to Indio this week, it’s about 60 miles from Borrego, we had to pick up a few things at Costco, then we went to Traders Joe’s which is always fun, they have different foods there lots of frozen dinners for two and fresh vegetables  like brussel spouts still on the stock.

When we go to any of the cities around Borrego or even if we are hiking, we leave the dogs behind, even if it is cool when we leave, we can’t take the chance that they would end up sitting in a hot vehicle.

Sophie and Louie in particular are not impressed when they know they  are being left  behind.


Sophie won’t look at me, and Louie just looks sad.

Our bird feeder continues to be very active and not only with birds.

This is a little chipmunk making himself at home, I have been trying to get a better picture of him, but he moves pretty fast,


Hope everyone at home is keeping warm, I know the Island didn’t get the snow that was forecast but I guess the Okanogan and the Cariboo got some.


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  1. Oh, those Borrego winds. Two years ago we left the area early because of the big non stop winds. If we make it to Borrego this year we hope to maybe find a more sheltered area somewhere other than the Clark Dry Lake Bed. So far this winter we have not encountered any big winds except for a couple days back east when we first started out.