Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Is Beginning to Look a Lot like 2011


That statement isn’t quite accurate because it was New Years Eve day when we once again  made the trip down to Clark Dry Lakebed and walked  across the to the Tamarisk tree grove. This time we didn’t go alone, Charlotte and Mike came with us. We also took different route, and stayed on the road right across the lakebed.

Skip and Mike weren’t waiting for us.


Ivan found out these were targets during WW 2


We made it to the grove and we could see some of the owls in the trees.


Before I show you the next picture, I want to make it clear, that beside us there have been four other people that we know who have been trying to get a picture of the owls, without success. So I am unabashedly including my shot of an owl in flight.


Inside the grove we found the remains of the chimney and part of a wall. That was all that was left of the homestead.




The bark on the Tamarisk trees was weathered by the wind and sand.


We could only stay an hour because we had a New Years Eve happy hour to attend.We  started out in a familiar way, watching wildlife.


Seems to be a pattern here Christmas and New Years Eve  watching for the Kangaroo Rat.

We were tired after our nine mile hike so we didn’t stay long at the neighbours, I think  we were in our pjs by eight.

The weather has been wonderful,and I think we will stay here for a week or two more.



  1. Fun pictures. Nice that you got some shots of the owls, that's not easy! Cute pictures of the Kangaroo Rat, too. Good thing you guys are so easily entertained. You must have been a real cheap date, huh?

  2. a nine mile hike!!..whohoo!!..good for you earned the pj's by 8!!!

  3. Good for you guys in doing the 9 miles. I'm afraid those longer distances are behind us now. Gotta love those big Tamarisk trees and what a treat to see the owls. What a hoot:))

  4. Great detailed photo of the Tamarisk tree bark!