Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Rats Today


We didn’t spend any time today or yesterday watching for rats. So things must be looking up.  Right ?

Not really.

Yesterday we went with our friends Charlotte and Mike to the Salton Sea. Last year we had stayed ay Salt Creek overnight, it was beautiful.

We drove to the South Shore boat ramp.


It is obviously not in use any more


We  got out of the truck and walked down beside the ramp, there was a horrific smell, and we soon found out why.



Apparently this is a yearly thing and most of those fish are Tilapia

The Salton Sea was created accidently when a dam carrying Colorado River water was breached and water flowed for a year.Bythe 1950s there was a thriving fisheries and  the Salton Sea became popular recreational area. As the salinity of the water increased  and the  sea shore decreased these activities  declined.

Hard to believe these areas were under water.



The jury is still out on the reason for the dead fish. It’s either too much salt, too many nutrients, from the fertilizers used on the surrounding farm land, or too much oxygen.

We drove around the South Shore area, there are some nice homes there but there are a lot of vacant lots, and some abandoned homes. I would think somebody lost a lot of money developing those properties.

The weather continues to be really warm here, I think an early morning hike would be the thing to do tomorrow.



  1. Yes, that Salton Sea area is quite a mess along the shoreline alright. Salton City is a sad state of affairs as well. Abandoned RV Parks etc.

  2. I am sure it was a lovely 'aroma'!..Tucker would have had a 'field day'!!..he loves rolling in stinky stuff!!

  3. Hmmm...my comment never showed up.....

    We have boondocked many at time on the Salton Sea.

  4. Who said traveling isn't educational!

  5. No rats today.....because they came to visit us in our RV!