Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hellhole Canyon to Maidenhair Falls


On Monday we decided to hike up Hellhole Canyon to Maidenhair Falls, a hike of about 5 miles round trip. Skip and I had hiked to the falls last year but Mike and Charlotte had never been there.

We really noticed how dry it was there was only a couple of plants blooming.


In the beginning the path was pretty good mostly sand. The farther we walked into the canyon the harder it became to follow or even find the path.

This part was pretty good.


There were rocks to scramble over and under.


About half way we could see the Palm Trees


You can still see the burn marks from the fire that swept through the canyon in 2002






We finally found the falls,….sort of, the Maiden Hair Ferns are there but not much water.

Skip is looking



Charlotte is looking too


There is a trickle of water nothing like last year.


We hike the canyon about a month earlier than last year, so we didn’t expect to see many flowers, but the canyon seemed really dry, there hasn’t been much rain since we arrived here December 1st, less than a 1/4” over two days in the middle of December.

The green trees over by Coyote Mountain are the Citrus Groves everything else looks pretty dry.



We said good bye to Charlotte and Mike this morning, they are headed to Yuma. John and Nicole fellow BCers  had the four of us and Ivan over for a campfire last night. John and Nicole are from Bridge Lake, BC, Nicole is a marathoner and will be running a half marathon is Yuma in a couple of weeks.

We are thinking of moving on soon, but can’t decide when to move and where we want to go….maybe next week or maybe tomorrow.


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  1. the falls may not be a raging torrent but at least their was some water!!!