Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to Ogilbe Rd and a Desert Garden


We left Borrego yesterday,we hadn’t intended to be there for seven weeks, but it was easy to stay, good weather, lots of things to do, and some nice people to spend time with.

We said goodbye to Gay and Martin who we met last year, they also live on Vancouver Island,but they travel most of the year. we shared several campfires with themIMG_3373

New friends John and Nicole are from Bridge Lake in northern BC, they have two cute  dogs called Nibs and Snickers.


Not hard to guess who is who


We may see John and Nicole  in Yuma . Nicole is running the half marathon at the end of the month.

On Sunday we had a visit from a park ranger, who told us that the property we all camp on had been bought by the state park.He didn’t think there would be many changes, except for a time limit for camping, metal burning containers, dogs on leashes, just the normal state park rules From what we understand the boundary would be at Rockhouse Road, so there would still be some private land for those who spend the winter,He was a little vague about the boundary,I guess we will find out if we go back there next year.

We decided to go back to the BLM area outside of Yuma, We have several things we have to do in Yuma, so we are settled in on Ogilby Rd. We really lucked out with our site, we are in the same area that we were in last November but about two hundred yds. farther off the road.

This is looking out our door.


Someone built a beautiful desert garden




There are even steps down to the wash


The weather today was perfect, sunny and warm, things seem a little greener here,even the Ocotillo were blooming.



We saw the news from home tonight. it is so cold and snowy, hope you all are keeping warm,



  1. This is totally off the wall, but I appreciate the fact that you know the difference between "further" and "father". They can be tricky, and I have to bite my tongue (metaphorically speaking of course) when I see them mixed up.
    Furthermore, (get that? always a good sub for "further") I'd like to say thanks!
    Smiles to you.

  2. Interesting about the Clark Dry Lake Bed being purchased by the Park. Guess it only stands to reason. Hopefully they leave it a free area for boondockers. Nice desert garden at Ogilby. Never saw that before.

  3. Shame on us! We should keep better track of where bloggers are. We are at Oasis Palms on the 86, and we drove over to Borrego Springs on Tuesday and roamed around the roads where we stayed 2 years ago. I love to meet fellow RV bloggers, but seem to usually miss them... like this time!

  4. Buddy & I housebound for a week because of the snow & cold. Warmed up to 36 and rain on the way! Yipee!
    Enjoy the warmth and those wonderful blue skies.

  5. What a lovely spot. Might try it in March.