Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We are in Bakerfield with a Signal

We left  Death Valley this morning we had hoped to meet up with Al and Kelly but it didn't work out. . I am still having trouble with the blog so I will just show a  few of the things we have seen  the last  few days. We didn't see enough of Joshua Tree Park, next year hopefully. We loved Death Valley, there is so much to see and do, we will go back.

Joshua Tree

A  Little Bit of

Shoshone has about a half dozen busineses

Only Restaurant


The sign way up the cliff reads sea level

Salt  Flats

Artist Drive is amazing, all the different colours.

The salt flats from Artist Drive.

Tomorrow we continues our journey west, not sure where we will end up.



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  1. Too bad about the 'no Verizon signal' in Death Valley. We may have to alter our route because Kelly needs Verizon coverage for her business phone. Been about 15 years since we were to Death Valley & we were hoping to see some more of it this trip.