Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hornby Island Eagle Cam

Hornby Island is one of the Gulf Islands that are off  the east coast of Vancouver Island. Hornby  Island is reached by taking a ferry to Denman Island then another ferry to Hornby. For years there has been an eagle cam on Hornby and this year the female has laid two two eggs.

We have been home two weeks now, we have been really lucky with the weather, today the temp was a warm 62F, not bad for the last day of March. Today I was outside in the garden for five or six hours, it's kind of an never ending project but I love this time of year, every thing is growing like crazy including the weeds.  

The hyacinths are blooming

Jake likes to lay where he can  see the whole yard.

That's an evergreen azalea behind him, it is the first one to bloom each year.


This little guy was right outside the gate, this time of year it is not uncommon to see a dozen or more deer
on  the  two mile drive to the main road.


I think things are blooming later this year ,the winter was pretty cold for this area , it will make for a beautiful April.



  1. must be 'blooming great' to be home!!! the Hornby Island eagle cam idea!!

  2. Sure wished we had your earlier Spring weather. It will be another month before our yard starts looking like yours. It's the hazards of living where we do:((

  3. Beautiful ! We should try a house exchange for a year or soooooo??? Is that a greehouse I see in the corner of one picture? Really like your yard. Green grass already.... that is wonderful... 62 degress.... even better...


  4. Wow....Being from Regina, and having everything still buried in snow, we cannot believe your photos!!

    We hate the thought of leaving family, but, we want to start snowbirding, and so, we are thinking a move to BC might be in order....We love it there !!

    PS - We "found" you, through the Bayfield Blog, and we sure hope Al will give us the same tips, that he did with you....LOL

    Take care, and see you on the road
    Trent and Teresa