Saturday, March 12, 2011

Raining in Oregon

We left  Rio Vista early Friday morning, this is the second time we have stayed at the county park, it is fine for an over night stop, the sites are big, and it has been quiet both times we were there.

We drove down highway12 ( which had been repaved  yea! ) and got on highway 101 at Novato
and drove to Garborville where we knew there was some BLM land, highway 101 was in good shape for the most part, it is a pretty drive through rolling hills and vineyards.

When we got to Garborville we couldn't find the BLM land, so we headed to a casino near Fortuna where we had stayed on our way down,The Bear River Casino has a lot just for RVs and trucks, there were three other
RVs there when we pulled in. The lot is paved and patrolled through the night. We didn't go to the casino, we intended to go the restaurant for supper, but after driving 300 miles we were just to tired to do anything.

This morning we got up early and headed for the coast. We were excited to see the ocean again and to smell the salty air. The California Coast didn't disappoint.

The third picture is at Crescent City, where the young man lost his life trying to photograph the Tsunami wave.

We only drove 125 miles today to Harris Beach SP just outside of Brookings Oregon, we stayed here on the way down in Nov. and  enjoyed the beach so much we wanted to stop again, it has been raining since we got here so I haven't taken any pictures this time.

We hope to be home Wednesday or Thursday, as we get closer we are getting anxious to be back on our island,
and  our little house. I am sure it will seem huge after  19 weeks in the motor home.



  1. Harris Beach! That is where we started our adventure! And we missed each other by a month last year.

  2. we love the oregon coast..enjoy..even if it is only for a day or two!!

  3. Yep, I know that feeling of anxious excitement as a person gets closer to home. It is always a big relief to get across the border back into Canada & an even bigger relief to pull into the driveway at home. Love coming home but it only lasts a couple weeks before I am bored & ready to hit the road agaon.

  4. ah, Jean and Skip. You are in our home territory now. Mo used to have a condo in Brookings on a high cliff right above the beach across from Harris Beach that she sold when she bought the motorhome. Didn't need the condo any more and we loved our fist MoHo visit to Harris Beach State Park. Beautiful spot.