Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are at home

We arrived home on Vancouver Island about 1:30 yesterday (Wed), we spent Tuesday night at the  Northern Lights Casino at Anacortes Washington. The casino has an RV campground with full hookups.
Skips sister Pam lives in Anacortes  and she arrived just after 5pm with dinner, and cold medication.

Casino Campground
We were up early and on the road by seven the next morning, we were both dreading the border crossing, hoping we wouldn't get pulled over for inspection.  There were no lineups when we arrived at the Peace Arch crossing, we pulled up gave the young lady our passports, answered the usual questions and were waved through. What a relief and how happy we were to be back  in Canada, then it was off to the ferry terminal at Tswassen, and the two hour ferry ride to Vancouver Island

We passed the ferry coming from Duke Point on the island

And finally saw Vancouver Island

It was wonderful to finally be home, the dogs spoke with their feet, the Bostons chased each other, and Jake did his patrol of the fence line.

We didn't do a lot yesterday, today was a different story, the yard is a real mess, so I spent the morning raking the paths and Skip  helped me clean the decks off .
There was lots of leaves both front and back.

The Red Current is native to Vancouver Island, once it blooms we are not supposed to get any more hard frosts.

the crocus and the primroses are blooming.

I could hear the boats out in the bay, but I didn't realize that herring season had started, I saw a fishing boat towing a skiff but by the time I got the camera out it was almost out of sight. The house with the palm trees is across the street from us.

I spent the afternoon unloading the motor home and doing laundry, it is good to be home but I do have a ton of work to do.



  1. Glad you made it home safe & sound. Sure know what you mean by 'dreading' the border crossing. Just hate that border stuff, coming or going. Always a pretty darn nice feeling to get home safe with everyone in one piece. We always have a big yard mess as well but that's a good thing for me because it gives me something to do right away & I don't mind that yard clean up. Nice for the dogs to be home too.

  2. Thanks for the update... we sure know the feeling of relief at the final border entrance..
    nice to see you already have spring flowers. Called our neighbour yesterday he said we have 2 ft. of snow in the backyard, 1 ft in the driveway still ! NOT happy about that!
    Hope you will still post about spring on the Island ! Hope your cold smartens up soon also.

  3. Good to see you made it home safely! Relax & enjoy the spring blooms :-)