Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...and Day

Between  wind blowing and the rain pounding on the roof of the motor home, no one got a very restful sleep last night. Add in losing an hours sleep because of the time change, packing up in the rain, me with a sore throat / cold and Skip with a tooth aching.  We were not happy campers.

The rain had stopped as we left Harris Beach,

By the time we reached Coos Bay things had changed again, the wind was blowing the rain sideways. Most of the time you couldn't see the ocean but when you could it was wild. The wind was the worst part
it was blowing so hard it was moving us around, there isn't many places to pull off the road through that part of the highway. The road was littered with tree branches, finally we came to this, a couple of trees down on the road. We had to stop and it wasn't long before the fire department came, took out the chain saws and started clearing the roadway.

We drove as far as Lincoln City and the Chinook Winds Casino, where we will spend the night in their RV lot. After we settled in, and took the dogs for a walk, we went to the casino to look around. It is really
big with four restaurants and a convention center. We had supper in their deli cafe, I had  clam strips and chips and Skip had a bacon cheese burger, both were really good.

It has stopped raining, but the wind is blowing really hard again. In the morning we will head for Washington State. It looks like we will be home Wednesday sometime.



  1. Sorry you are having a tougher trip home...You will soooo apprecitate your home Wed.


  2. Well, I guess the upside of all this bad weather & not feeling well is that it is going to make finally getting home feel even better. We will be able to hear that big sigh of relief all the way down here in California.