Sunday, October 5, 2014

Getting Ready For Winter Travelling


  We hit the road today. We are actually just driving down Island to Victoria, where we will spend the night before catching the ferry that runs between Sidney and Anacortes Washington.

This will be the fifth winter we have headed to the south western US in search of warm temperatures and and sunny skies. We think we are ready, I hope we are. Garden stuff is put away, water taps are wrapped. Motorhome is loaded except for the last minute things we need..It seems that we spent the last couple of weeks getting there.  We have pared down the three or four lists to one of last minute  things. Travelling with three dogs means they have  their  own list…vet appointments, Jakes prescription filled, beds and blankets, dishes, food.

We can take our time getting ready to leave  today as we’re only driving 90 miles or so, we haven’t decided whether we will spend the night at the Sidney Ferry dock or stay in Victoria.

We are hoping to get to Utah before the weather turns cold there. We have never been to South East Utah but it has been on our list for a few years.

Our friends Gay and Martin drove up from Sidney to see us twice this summer, the last time Martin brought us maps he had copied to show us where they had camped. They have spent quite a while exploring the San Rafael Swell. We  met Martin and Gay the first time we went to Borrego Springs, and have seen them every year since, sadly illness prevents them from travelling this year.

It’s always hard to leave family and friends for five months, but we are looking forward to   seeing our RV friends and travelling down new roads.



  1. So another adventure begins. Looking forward to enjoying the journey with you through your blog. Still not sure if we are heading out end of November or not.

  2. Ahhhhhh, on the road at last. Always a nice feeling to finally put all that waiting behind you. With a bit of luck we may be in Utah week after this coming week. We will probably blow in the Moab end & go from there. Safe travels & save some of that nice warm Utah air for us. We're so much needing it..............

  3. I'm not too far behind you. Hitting the road (hopefully) this Friday. But I have a looonnnngggg way to drive this year so it will be awhile before I get to AZ.

  4. safe travels to you and Skip and the furkids too..we will be riding along and paying attention to where you are staying and going!!
    one day soon it will be our turn!

  5. Be sure to plan a stop at Goosenecks State Park and the Moki Dugway. You can check it out on my blog post:
    Sorry to hear that we will miss Martin and Gay at Borrego Springs this year. I know some little four legged guys that will miss them there as well. Safe travels - see you in a month or three! Ivan

  6. Soon heading out for you guys, hope to meet up with you again along the way.
    Travel safe.

  7. Looking forward to reading of your upcoming adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.