Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anacortes to Memaloose to Stonehenge


The Ferry ride from Sidney on Vancouver Island to Anacortes WA  was interesting as we passed through fog banks interspersed with brilliant blue sky.

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Going through US immigration on the Sidney side was easy, the usual questions, Where are you going?, how long will you be away?. On the Anacortes  side US Customs asked about fruits and vegetables, and we were sent on our way.

After a short visit with Skips sister Pam IN Anacortes, we headed down I-5 in the fog,  to Marysville and the Tulalip Casino.The RV lots were full, but we were able to park one lot over close to a big field where we could  walk the dogs.

Tuesday morning we left Marysville early and went down I 405, which was really busy, we ended  up south of Tacoma and drove down  The Columbia River Gorge on highway  84.

What a spectacular drive, the traffic wasn’t too bad, the weather was sunny and quite warm and the views were amazing. Just after, the town of Hood River, we saw a sign for Memaloose State Park, we turned in and got a site for two nights.Full  Hooks ups were $24.00 per night. We like to here, there is road noise and we can hear the trains, but we needed to de- stress and this is a perfect place for that.

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Took a drive across the bridge at the Dales then drove to   Mary Hill on the Washington side of the river.

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There is  a  remarkable replica of Stonehenge, it was built as a memorial to the young men of the County who were killed in the first world war.


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There are plaques with the names of the fallen

Oct 2013 to 0ct 2014 378

This young man was only 20.

We really like this area and we would stay longer but  we are still headed for Utah  and we will be on our way tomorrow.



  1. On the road again, and all is going well, travel safe.

  2. nice to be on the road again! enjoy the views out the windshield..we will be riding along so be to sure to stop along the way for pictures!

  3. Had no idea that there was a Stonehedge replica. Glad you got off easy with customs.

  4. I like that Stonehenge idea with veterans names ingrained. Nice to be on the road but know what you mean about having to de-stress. This has been our toughest trip yet & we still got over a thousand miles to go........