Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looking for Skylight Arch Cave


One of the highlights of our stay along San Rafael Reef was looking for and finding Skylight Arch also known as Wild Horse Window Arch. We had several  maps showing the location, but there was no marked trail we could find.

This where we were heading.



We had seen several groups heading up the slick rock  toward  where we thought the cave was, so we packed up and walked up Wild Horse Wash to  look for a trail up. Walking up the slick rock was fun, but it took us a while  to find some cairns that marked the way. The problem with following the cairns is you don’t know who placed them and they were so darn hard to see,  most of them being  the same colour as the rock.


Skip Taking a break


We could see our RV and our neighbours across the wash, we are where the little blue x is.


At  one  point we could hear dogs barking and realized it was our dogs. We looked back at our rig and we could see our neighbour walking around  our site with his dog. Amazing how sound carries across the canyons


We could see the cave for quite a ways and finally we were at the narrow path leading up to Skylight  Cave.







We were told by two hikers we met that the Pictographs  were fake.



It is a huge cave, Skip looks so small.

We had a fun day looking for  the cave and walking up the slick rock.  The San Rafael Reef area has much to do and see, and we love it here.




  1. A very interesting place to visit, thanks for taking us along.

  2. another great day for a hike!!
    glad you found it!

  3. I think one of the greatest things about traveling & hiking is seeing new things for the very first time. Exploring around old ruins & caves is one of our favs.