Monday, July 28, 2014



I was going to call this post “I really didn’t have anything to say”.

So what have we been doing for three months? The usual  yard work for me and house maintenance  for Skip. We are both really ready for something new..just not sure what.

So we went on a road trip to Saskatchewan almost 2500 miles round trip, but we had such a good time.

We stopped for two days at Lac La Jeaun   Provincial Park



We took highway 1, through the Rodgers Pass, through Banff and Glacier National Parks, which were really busy. We were planning on staying in Glacier  but we couldn’t find a spot,




We  spent the day at Drumheller in Alberta, it was really hot, too hot to leave the dogs in the RV. We took them on a riverside walk which was nice except we couldn’t get close to the water.




We didn’t tow the Tracker this trip, we won’t be doing that again, it sure limits where we can go when we in  the  motorhome.

Tillybrook Provincial Park near Brooks Alberta


Miles and miles and miles of Canola



Our destination Crooked Cedar Golf Resort.

The Fifth Hole ( note the RV and Boat Parking )




Skip approaching the fourth hole

Several of the ladies enjoyed an afternoon at the Spa


P1020236Zak Sniper was playing at the Clubhouse.

We had a lot of fun seeing old friends. Thanks Doug and Deanna.

On the way back to BC we took highway 16  through Jasper National Park


We drove straight to Nicola Lake and Monck Provincial Park. It rained the whole time we were there but we didn’t mind, but quite few people left the park.

This picture is from the web.

We went to Monck Park because we knew that Sue and Doug were working there. We spent  a couple of hours visiting with them, such a nice couple it felt like we had known them forever.


Sue, Doug, and Tucker.


We headed home to Vancouver Island the next morning.  It was a great two weeks!



  1. Nice to here from you again, and sounds like you had a great trip.

  2. Your post almost slipped by me. Saw in Sue & Doug's post you had met them. Bet that trip sure helped with the summer blahs. I have been to some of those places you mentioned but it was so long ago I can hardly remember them. I know it was beautiful though. I'm assuming your planning to head for the Southwest again this winter. Wasn't sure when you said, "We are both really ready for something new..just not sure what". I know how you feel. Hope you got my Marshall South email a few weeks ago.....AL:))

  3. It was great to finally meet you both, too! hope that one day we will meet up again?..maybe it will be in someone's driveway down south?

  4. Glad to see you getting on the road this summer and getting the rust off the blog. I've been pretty slow with mine as well.
    Too bad you couldn't stop by when you were passing through the 'Wild Rose' province. Hope you didn't get much smoke from the fires?
    See you down south in November, I imagine. Ivan

  5. Sounds like a great road trip. You certainly managed to see and do a lot. Love the 'spa' photo.