Monday, November 7, 2011

We’re Leaving Ajo Tomorrow


After twelve days of doing nothing, we are leaving Darby Wells Road. The weather has been extreme either very warm, or very windy or raining, last night we were awoken by thunder and lightening.

We haven’t had any more visitors other than the birds who woke us up every morning. So we have spent our time  sitting outside reading, watching hockey, and  walking with the dogs. We did go to lunch a couple of times at Marcela's Café and Bakery in Ajo. The Mexican food there is really good and inexpensive.


Travelling with three dogs is quite challenging at times, our motorhome is 30ft long but has no slides, Jake is over 100lbs and insists on being right beside us at all times.


Sophie and Louie are only twenty lbs but being terriers they  are busy all the time.

They also like to be close and Skip never says no to them


I am afraid I don’t have his patience.

It took Louis no time at all to get the squeaker out of his new toy, but he is sorry. He has such a guilty look.



We are planning on heading up to Quartzsite for a while, and then to Kofa Wildlife Refuge but as usual that is subject to change.



  1. Great to hear from you again. Nice pic Skip with the 2 dogs.
    Poor Louis loosing his squeeker!
    Our highs are barely 50 so enjoy your warm days.
    Love, Pam

  2. an extended period of sitting relaxing and hockey sounds great. Do you get the lions games? Nice to have a home team hosting the Grey Cup, hopefully. Love those dogs, Louie is a great hit on my fb profile photo.

  3. We sure understand the difficulties involved in traveling with dogs and yet I can't imagine traveling without them. I'm like Skip and like the guys close and piled on top of me. Going to be a bit different without Max and Checkers but we'll still have our hands full with Pheebs and the Motormouse:)) Interested in seeing where you guys will show up next.

  4. Yep, 30 feet can seem small with 3 dogs, but we love our pets!