Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging Out In Yuma


We are still on Ogilbe road , we have made a few trips into Yuma, on Saturday we went to a RV show, that was put on by Mesa Rv. We sure saw some beauties,we really liked the Winnebago Adventurer, the one we were in was a 38 ft. 2006, with 24,000 miles. It was listed at $89,000. the salesperson tried hard to get Skip to take it for a test drive, but he wouldn’t do it.

2006 Winnebago Adventurer in Arizona

this isn’t the one we were in I found this picture on the web.

We also liked the Allegro Breeze, it was 32ft, air ride, diesel pusher,22 miles to the gal. A little pricy for us at $169,000. Fun to look at though.

Yesterday we had to stay home to watch our BC Lions play in the western final, they played so well, now we have to  stay in next Sunday and watch the Grey Cup, which is being played in Vancouver.

We have been to several Rv  supply stores we bought a Oxygenics  shower head, which we really like, it really increases the water pressure in the shower.  We have decided to change our inside lights to LED  bulbs, so today we started by buying three bulbs, boy what a difference, the LED ones are so much brighter, and use so much less power.

The dogs sure like it here, we can take them out without their leashes and they have lots of room to run, even Jake has been running with the Bostons  which is really unusual.

Another sunset





  1. great fun 'kicking tires'..good for you for hanging onto your wallet and credit card!!

  2. I kind of have to stay away from looking at newer Motor Homes because it just gets me all crazy in wanting a bigger and nicer one. Ogilbe road is great for dogs to run. We'll probably stop there for a day or two when we get in the area or we might slip on down the road and try out the Holt area. We hear there is a boon docking area there with hot springs. Looks like we'll be scratching around here in New Mexico for a bit yet.

  3. Fun to look @ but hard on the pocketbook! Sounds like you guys have
    your 'home' with lots of good addons
    that keep you comfy & cozy. Isn't it
    wonderful to just come and go when you please? Happy Retirement!!!!
    Namaste, Pam