Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quartzsite to Parker….No Yuma


Yesterday we packed a lunch and headed for Crystal Hill in the Kofa Wildlife Refuge, which is nine miles south of Quartzsite. Crystal Hill is six miles from the highway on one of the roughest roads we’ve been on.


Crystal Hill


Crystal Hill is one of the few places where you are allowed to keep any crystal you find, you are not allowed to dig them up or use any tools to find them. we were told that the rock hounds have got most of them but it is possible to find little ones. We walked up the wash and scrambled up the hill looking for  the glints of crystal.


Skip thinks he saw something.


A closer look.


We spent a couple of hours hunting, the biggest one I found had Coke imprinted on it, but we did find a few small ones, and had fun looking for them.


After we ate our lunch we drove back to Q, to let the dogs out and pack up the motor home for the move to Parker. We had everything ready for an early start this morning, just a matter of putting the dogs fence away. We had to go into Quartzsite this morning to dump the holding tanks and take on water, from there we only had a thirty five mile drive to Parker and the BLM campground beside the river. We did that and as we are pulling out of the water and dump place, Skip said maybe we should go to Yuma instead, so we turned left instead of right and drove to Yuma.. He was concerned with the American Thanksgiving being  next week, that the  small campground would be crowded already.

So we are back on Ogilby Road  twelve miles from Yuma, actually we are in California. It is warm  and there only a few RVs here. I guess Parker will wait for another time.

Our Spot


Our View





  1. enjoy the peace and quiet!..looks good to us!!

  2. We will probably end up on Ogilby Road for a few days sometime this winter as well. Just up the road across from the Tumco Mine site is Gold Rock Ranch where you can do laundry and dump your tanks too. Kind of a neat old RV place. We may drop into Slab City this year as well and have Solar Mike check a few things over on our solar system. Slab City near Niland CA is an experience in itself and worth a look see just to say you've been there.

  3. Happy AM TG on Thurs. Per tradition, Ken & Bonnie are hosting. I can smell that Turkey cooking right now!
    Sounds like you are having your usual good time.